Instruction for Use | Disposable Endo Cutter Stapler | SurgSci

March 31, 2023
Instruction for Use | Disposable Endo Cutter Stapler | SurgSci

Instruction for Use-Disposable Endo Cutter Stapler and Cartridge 

1. Remove the device from the package. Choose the suitable sized cartridge. Insert the cartridge to the cartridge cave. Ensure to align the arrows on both sides to have the cartridge loaded successfully. 

2. Before firing, please make sure the cartridge is properly loaded. Clench the active handle the cartridge is closed. Then pull the release button to the starting point. If the cartridge is open, this indicates the cartridge is properly loaded. Clench the trigger lightly again to make the cartridge closed. 



3. Insert the endoscopic linear cutter into the trocar sleeve until the articulation of the cartridge is visible. Pull the release button back to the starting point the cartridge is open. (This step is not shown in the video)

4. Adjust the device according to the target tissue. Turn the articulation lever lightly and the cartridge head will move at the same direction.


5. Clench the trigger and release. Repeat this action until the trigger cannot push. Check if the black button reaches the schedule stapling position. After firing, keep at least 20 seconds in order to staunching bleeding.


6. Move the device carefully. Turn the reset joint to the 0 position. Clence the trigger to close the jaw. Pull the  release button to the starting point to open the jaw. Pull the black button downward to the end. Rotate the cartridge 45 degrees anticlockwise. Remove the cartridge of the device. Check the staple line, the process completes.

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