Pet Ultrasonic Scalpel Application for Cat Neutering Surgery Video

Cat neutering is a surgical procedure that involves removing the testes in male cats and the ovaries and uterus in female cats. It is also known as castration for males and spaying for females. Neutering has many benefits, including preventing pregnancy, reducing the chance of your cat getting into a fight, roaming away from home and catching diseases such as FIV. Most cats can be neutered at 4 months old.


The best age for a male cat to be neutered is between 4-6 months old. Neutering has many advantages such as reducing the risk of certain cancers like testicular cancer and mammary cancer. It also reduces the risk of your cat developing certain behavioral problems such as spraying urine to mark territory or aggression. However, there are some disadvantages of neutering such as the risk of complications during surgery like bleeding or infection.


The steps involved in cat neutering surgery are:


The cat is given anesthesia.

The surgeon makes an incision in the scrotum or abdomen.

The testes are removed.

The incision is closed with stitches or surgical glue.


After surgery, it is important to keep your cat indoors for at least 24 hours to allow them to recover from anesthesia. You should also monitor your cat’s behavior and appetite. If you notice any unusual behavior or symptoms such as vomiting or diarrhea, you should contact your veterinarian immediately.

SurgSci Pet Ultrasonic Scalpel has the advantages as follows:

1. Fast cutting to stop bleeding, without hurting the surrounding tissues.

2. No smoke, keep clear vision, avoid foreign body residue.

3. Compact and portable, it takes up no space.

4. Customized user interface, easy to operate. 

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