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Laparoscopic Surgical Instrument Single Use Optical Trocars

▌Product Introduction:

Place of Origin:Guangdong, ChinaBrand Name:Surgsci
Model Number:EndopassPower Source:Manual
Warranty:3 yearsAfter-sale Service:Online technical support
Material:Metal, PlasticShelf Life:3 years
Quality Certification:CEInstrument classification:Class II
Safety standard:YY0672.1-2008Properties:The Basis of Surgical Instruments
Application:Surgical OperationUsage:Surgical Room
Feature:Sterile DisposableFunction:Access port
Certificate:CE ISO13485Size:5/10/12mm
Sterilization:EO SterilizedLength:75/100/150mm

▌Product Description:

Trocar access is a widely used procedure in laparoscopic surgery that enables the surgeon to place the initial trocar accurately and safely. The optical trocar access allows them to visualize each tissue layer before insertion, mitigating the risks of organ injury and undue air leakage at the trocar site, even in obese patients.

The Endopass visible tip optical disposable laparoscopic trocar is CE marked, for added security in patient safety, as all products are manufactured under ISO 13485 quality system and are single-patient-use only. The use of these disposable trocars simplifies the puncturing of abdominal cavities and supplying of gas for the laparoscopic surgery.

We offer a variety of disposable laparoscopic optical trocars with visible tips to fulfill individualized needs, with sizes varying in both diameter and length. Diameters range from 5mm, 10mm, and 12mm, and lengths from 75mm, 100mm, and 150mm.

▌Product Features:

The distinctive surface, shaped like a thread and featuring an inverted tooth design, enhances the sleeve’s grip on the abdominal wall. This prevents it from slipping when instruments are inserted or removed.

Instead of cutting, the non-bladed tip separates tissues, minimizing damage. The transparent conical head offers clear visual feedback as the endoscope passes through the obturator. This design helps prevent inadvertent insertions and potential organ injuries.

The device also includes a user-friendly tunnel lock that keeps the endoscope from sliding, ensuring stable visuals.

Lastly, the needle, now made of stainless steel, is an improvement over the original non-plastic version, offering increased durability.

▌Product Parameters:

T5L75VUniversal cannula Φ5mm75mm
T5L100VUniversa cannula Φ5mm100mm
T5L150VUniversal cannula Φ5mm150mm
TIOL100VUniversal cannula Φ10mm100mm
TIOL150VUniversal cannula Φ10mm150mm
T12L100VUniversal cannula Φ12mm100mm
T12L150VUniversal cannula Φ12mm150mm

▌Packing & Delivery:

Packaging and Shipping of Disposable Laparoscopic Trocar

Disposable Laparoscopic Trocar should be packaged and shipped according to the following guidelines:

The product should be packaged in a sealed sterile package and placed in a secondary box.

The secondary box should be labeled with the name of the product, the manufacturer's name, and the expiration date.

The package should be shipped in a safe and secure manner to prevent damage or contamination.

The product should be shipped with adequate padding to protect against shock and vibration.

The package should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

Product Application:

Endopass laparoscopic trocars are widely used in a variety of surgeries, such as cholecystectomy, nephrectomy, radical prostatectomy, radical resection of rectal carcinoma, hysterectomy, bariatric, and appendectomy.

Specifically, cholecystectomy is the removal of the gallbladder; nephrectomy is the partial or total removal of the kidney; radical prostatectomy involves removing the prostate and seminal vesicles; radical resection of rectal carcinoma is the procedure of taking out the previously detected cancer in rectal area; hysterectomy is the removal of uterus; bariatric is a surgical procedure done in order to contribute to weight loss; and appendectomy is the removal of the appendix.

All of these procedures now can be conducted with endopass laparoscopic trocars which result in less post-surgical complications, shorter hospital stay, less pain and faster recovery.

▌Company Profile:


Q: Are you a factory or a trade company? 

A: We are a medical technology company with a wholly-owned factory in Shenzhen city.

Q: What are your main products? 

A: Disposable laparoscopic trocars, ultrasonic scalpels, veress needles and specimen pouches are the 4 main products we make. You can log in our website: www.surgscience.com for more info.

Q: What is the process of your trocar production? 

A: Incoming inspection→Ultrasonic cleaning→Assembly in clean workshop→Inspection→EC sterilization→Resolution→Shipping

Q: Where can I see your company's info? 

A: You can log into our website "www.surgscience.com" or "www.disposabletrocar.com" to check our company and products. 

▌About SurgSci:

Surgsci Medical Ltd. aims to improve people's health and quality of life. We adhere to the mission of independent research and development, popularize minimally invasive medical technology, and share high-quality humanistic care. Through clinical practice, we innovate in technology to benefit patients, medical staff, and medical institutions. We provide holistic innovative solutions for hepatobiliary and gastrointestinal surgery, ENT surgery, colorectal surgery, bariatric surgery, oncology, urology, thoracic surgery, women's and children's surgery, neurosurgery, etc. We are in Shenzhen, Guangdong. Founded in 2017, Surgsci is a national high-tech enterprise, focusing on the innovation for smart consumables for minimally invasive surgery. We are specialized in the production of laparoscopic surgical instruments, including disposable laparoscopic trocars and ultrasonic scalpels etc. We own two factories in Pingshan and Bao’an District, a total of about 1500 square meters of R&D office and 4000 square meters of GMP clean workshop with ISO13485. We integrate design, R&D, manufacturing, and sales. At present, we have more than 40 authorized patents at home and abroad. The products have obtained CE & FDA and are sold to nearly 30 countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and South America. We Provide high quality OEM and ODM services which are recognized and favored by our customers. Looking forward to your inquiry and cooperation.

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Surgsci Medical Ltd. was established in Shenzhen, and a wholly-owned subsidiary InnoSurg was established in Pingshan District, Shenzhen in 2018.

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